Rock Climbing Instructor Training

Rock Climbing Instructor Training

I have recently completed a Rock Climbing Instructor Training course with Steve Hodge Mountaineering, which has expanded my depth of knowledge on building belays for both

  • personal systems
  • group systems

I have developed on my ability to make decisions using available resources in a multitude of climbing environments.

I have learned how to structure an engaging, safe climbing session pitched at the right level for clients.

I have also advanced my understanding of:

  • problem solving
  • performing rescues in given situations

and more importantly:

  • how to prevent such events from occurring

The Rock Climbing Instructor qualification trains and assesses candidates in safe climbing on single pitch crags and artificial climbing structures throughout the UK and Ireland.

In addition to good personal climbing skills, a rock climbing instructor will demonstrate safe group management, be an effective supervisor and encourage others to enjoy their climbing safely.

This course is suitable for rock climbing enthusiasts wishing to introduce others to the sport of rock climbing.

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